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The finest of Eureka pet grooming services needs high levels of energy, skill and technique. At Pampered Pooches, we take pride in providing dog and cat grooming with all these prerequisites. Your pet receives unconditional love and while getting pampered and groomed at our pet spa.

Eureka Pet Grooming Services at our Pet Spa

Eureka Pet Grooming - Shampooing at Pampered Pooches


Most dogs love bathing and get super excited about the water. If your four legged friend doesn’t like to bathe, don’t worry, this is where our expertise really shines.

Eureka Pet Grooming - Drying and Brushing at Pampered Pooches

Drying & Brushing

After the bath, we hand dry your dog on our top quality table top. Depending on the fur, we blow dry or towel dry with a gentle brushing.

Eureka Pet Grooming - Haircuts and Color at Pampered Pooches

Haircuts & Color

Don’t let your dog fall behind on fashion. We give amazing haircuts and add the X-Factor to your pets cute personality. Try one of our pet-friendly hair colors.

Eureka Pet Grooming - Nails at Pampered Pooches


Finally we carefully cut and dremel the nails of your dog. Our groomers are trained to be extra careful while nail clipping and give your pet a perfect pedicure.

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Don’t take your dog to a Eureka pet groomer

before you read this..

Unfortunately there is a lot of unserious pet groomers out there. And as a dog owner I am sure you have heard about them. Untrained pet groomers make lots of blunders that can injure your beloved dog. If your dog is scared of going to the dog groomer, there is probably a reason. Here are some of the mistakes unprofessional pet groomers make:

  • Hot clippers cause burn injuries around the nose and private parts
  • Some yell at your dog and may even hit your dog
  • Unsafe bathtubs where your dog can easily fall out and get injured
  • Unlicensed and uninsured business practices

At Pampered Pooches there is no risk of your pooch falling out of our specially designed escape-free bathtub.  We hand dry your dog on sanitized tables with sanitized towels. Our clippers stay cool and comfortable for your dog during the entire haircut. We use nothing but the best quality products to groom your pet.

As a licensed and insured pet groomer, we don’t just say it. We prove it by letting you watch your dog getting groomed via webcam. We also want thank our loyal customers who have rated us the best Eureka pet grooming service on Yelp.

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